Google says get smart or lose rankings

Last week, Google made another big step to ensure that all major websites deliver a mobile optimised experience to their users. Companies failing to optimise their website content and functionality for smartphone users will get a virtual ‘slap on the wrist’ for their negligence and face being moved down the Google page rankings.

Google has long recognised the importance of a positive browsing experience on mobile devices, although the unfortunate reality is that many websites regularly redirect users to irrelevant web pages or deliver irritating error message pages that pop up due to poor mobile optimisation.  Google have taken these experiences on board and are working hard to create a more smartphone friendly experience for their users which is great news for everyday web users (pretty much all of us!) but could be potentially disastrous for online businesses

Firstly, not all websites are being targeted.  Google’s main focus are websites that have faulty mobile functionality.  Whilst Google ‘laying down the law’ may sound like an unnecessary chore to some businesses, it is essential for companies to jump on board the mobile world and benefit from the opportunities that the UK’s fastest growing platform offers.

A properly optimised mobile site creates a more rewarding user experience and ensures that brands and organisations of all shapes and sizes are getting the maximum impact from their online presence.  It also ensures that we are reaching ALL of our prospective customers – not just the ones browsing on a desktop computer.  Just look at the stats – 90% of smartphone shoppers use their phone for pre-shopping activities such as locating stores, opening hours and product comparisons according to recent research.

Multi-device website for Portsmouth Grammar School

Responsive design for Portsmouth Grammar School


Acknowledging smartphone users within business marketing strategies is a no-brainer and businesses need to much more to make the most of the opportunities this creates – 45% of businesses still don’t have a mobile presence.

Well done Google, this may be the necessary shake up that we all need!

  • Damian Gawel

    I agree, a cold shower for some, but a necessary step.

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