Getting creative with QR codes

Keeping your website updated and relevant is the basis of good SEO and there are umpteen of ways to get people to visit your site. This year has been dubbed (by some eager marketers) as the year of the QR (quick response) code and the number of people searching for information about QR codes in the UK has nearly doubled since the end of 2010. Originating from Japan, the QR code is basically a 2D barcode that your smartphone can scan; directing you to a link / website, receive a message or even making a call. It ultimately provides additional information that restricted media can’t deliver such as photos, reviews, directions, recipes and details of upcoming events.

QR codes are more frequently popping up on TV, posters, billboards, in various magazines and on all sorts of merchandise from t-shirts to y-fronts. They are a fun and different way for those people with smartphones to quickly find out more information about what they are looking for. There’s also the intrigue of the unknown about what your going to find and QR code spotting can become strangely addictive.

The BBC got creative with a QR code and tailored it to incorporate their logo. A quick warning for designers and marketers; if you’re going down this be careful when tweaking your QR code in Photoshop. Make sure you test where and what you’re going to get from your code before printing it to avoid linking to random images or suspect web links!

A great feature we’ve been experimenting with is to get your QR code to make phone call; it’s a great way to get people calling you and generating a conversation. Alternatively, a QR code can generate an SMS text message. There are also some great ideas posted recently by our friends at Econsultancy, highlighting some of the range of QR code usage out there in the marketing mix at the moment.

If you want to have a go yourself, download our favourite FREE QR code reader, RedLaser for the iPhone.

Have a scan and tell us what you think…

PS. QR codes on headstones in graveyards: Is it brilliant or creepy?

If you want to know how an Integrated agency can help your QR code development, see what we can do.

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