Who Is Who of festive Team Engine Creative

For those of you intrigued enough to find out exactly who’s who in our festive e-card we’ve given you a little helping hand. If you want to receive the e-card then let us know and we’ll get it to you as soon as possible.

1. Chris Laughton – Senior Artworker and part time washerwoman.
2. Barry Sutton – Accountant and distant admirer of Paul.
3. Simon Temple – Video Technician and Wise Man.
4. Matt Key – Creative Director and ventriloquist.
5. Andrew Wise – Projects Manager and confident cross dresser.
6. Adam Sibley – Designer and convincing female impersonator.
7. Dan Smith – Senior Creative and Northampton Gurning Champion.
8. Glyn Allen – Director and ventriloquists dummy.
9. Shiyam Mahadevan – Interactive Designer and proud suited gentleman.
10. James Gardner – Interactive Developer and slightly startled party goer.
11. Ed Crofts – Video Production Assistant and unable to handle his liqueurs.
12. Marieke Vink – Creative Co-ordinator and Phil’s ‘carer’.
13. Phil Christer – Managing Director and strange little girl.
14. Paul Chisholm – Senior Designer and owner of pet turkey called Brian.

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