Too much meat, Luke!

Team Engine Creative took to the streets last week for a night on the town which consisted of excessive amounts of food and drink.

When food’s involved we dont do things by halves. Andy, Paul, Phil and Matt all saw the words ‘3 burgers’ on the menu at Joe’s diner and couldn’t resist ordering the ‘Luke Skywalker 16oz special’! We were not talking about the proportions of the Death Star when we said, “Look at the size of that thing!”

So the challenge had begun; who could actually finish all 16oz of meat. Matt and Phil were blasted to the wayside after only 1 and half burgers, which left it to Andy and Paul to munch slowly to the finishing gates, or should that be blast doors.

To say it wasn’t a close finish would be like saying we weren’t all shocked when we found out Darth was Luke’s dad! So who ended up the victorious one… Paul, closely followed by Andy.

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