Social Media: are you being E-stalked?

As the latest arrival to the Engine Creative team it is only right that I formally introduce myself in the correct and respected manner… via the blog.

I have been lucky enough to secure the position of Marketing Assistant at Engine Creative where in my first few days I have been concentrating on the phenomena that is Social Media.

Wherever we turn we are being Facebooked, tweeted at, liked or invited. Those of us in the iPhone or Blackberry world are on constant alert, we know what our friends have been up to often before they do, what new move our workplace is taking and all of the latest breaking news.

It’s become the norm and we either love it or love to hate it.

That said, it’s my own naivety to have been shocked when finding out that upon securing an interview with Engine Creative, my at the time potential employers, looked for me on Facebook to gauge an idea of me, my life and what to expect. As a recent graduate with four years of university life displayed to the world I must admit to slight panic.

Social networking now allows for anyone to gather information about you before a meeting or an interview and engage in legitimate and valuable ‘e-stalking‘ .

So what do you currently have displayed to the world?
My basic message is clean up your Facebook, you never know who’s out there e-stalking you and gathering that all important first impression!

  • Ian

    Congrats on the new job.

    Another thing to note is that Facebook users should learn how to set the correct privacy settings :)

  • Billy Clarke

    I’ll second that, CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS! A great company to work for, as I’m sure everyone will tell you!

  • pandora bracelets

    good post.

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