How good communication is key to the success of creative projects

We believe the most successful creative solutions are generated through the communication of great ideas. When searching for that ‘winning’ creative solution to a brief the value of one to one communication cannot be underestimated.

At first glance the approach and workflow we apply to creative projects appears pretty straightforward; the client brief, the brainstorm, the first solutions, etc. Obviously, it’s never that simple and a big part of the creative pie is communication. We (and me in particular!) love to talk because we understand the value and importance of sharing knowledge both internally and with the anyone else who cares to listen.

At Engine the energy of communication is key to the success of our award winning creative and is the heartbeat of our studio. Communication enables others to fully understand a projects requirements from the most important perspective of all, the clients.

Communication with our clients throughout the project life-cycle is of vital importance and the old adage that ‘it’s good to talk’ is more valid today than ever.  As an industry that embraces new communication technology trends with enthusiasm (email, social networking, etc) it is sometimes easy to overlook the king of all communication methods – a one to one conversation.

Why send endless emails when one telephone conversation can achieve the same result? Picking up the telephone should be the first port of call when and if any issues arise as speed (and clarity) of communication and an immediate response are sometimes essential in avoiding any major problems and costly mistakes. Most importantly, our clients appreciate this personal, proactive approach to project management. Honesty is always the best policy.

We don’t just communicate with our clients whilst we are working on live projects, we believe that exceptional service is built on regular and consistent communication.  For example, we are proactive in having general catch ups with our clients to see how things are going in terms of their business requirements and to suggest new ideas that can help move their business forward. That, after all is said and done, is what a good business partnership is about.

This personal approach is so successful that our clients often contact us for general help and advice on a diverse range of issues which we are, of course, happy to help with. If we don’t have the answer at our fingertips we will nearly always be able to find it (or know someone who can).

As Bob once famously said… it’s good to talk!

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