Engine Creative Christmas Party Fun!

We have been so busy since the end of the Christmas break that it almost seems like a distant memory already: The Engine Creative Christmas Party.

In true Engine Creative tradition, the Christmas Party was split in two parts.

First we went to Birmingham in a pimped Hummer to have dinner at a Japanese restaurant and see some live stand-up comedy at the Glee Club.

Of course everybody/nobody* drank too much and and everybody/nobody* made a fool of themselves (*delete as appropriate).

The last day before the break was the traditional Engine Creative Games Day. A quick trip to the supermarket and some sterling team effort from everyone apart from Simon, Ed & Glyn (who were working) and James (who was doing, well….nobody knows what he does) resulted in a Traditional Christmas Dinner, complete with sprouts, parsnips, roasted chicken, roasted potatoes and Yorkshire puddings.

This year’s Secret Santa brought the Engine Creative Team a variety of…erhm…interesting gifts: Golf Ball Initialiser (?), a bright orange Spacehopper, a 1000-piece Dinosaur jigsaw, an indoor-airplane, you get the idea.

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing Call of Duty. There is something therapeutic about being able to kill off your colleagues in a virtual world and know they will still like you the next day…

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