Calling all neglected websites!

I read recently that a survey by market research group Cambridge Resolution has found that nearly one in four (23%) websites have not been updated since they launched. This beggars belief when you consider the amount of resources that are spent developing sites of all shapes and sizes. It also raises the question as to why they are not updated: why haven’t the agency who developed the site set out a plan to work with their clients to ensure the effectiveness of the website?

Many of our clients have limited resource to manage regular updates and, to this end, it is key that the process is simple and quick. We also keep tabs on our websites from the day they first set foot into the public domain. We expect our sites to grow and evolve according to our clients and their customers needs.

A shameless attempt at soliciting new business or a genuine mini rant about the way that websites are left to fight for their own lives without any ‘parental’ support? A bit of both really. You know where to find us.

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