Films to go bang by – 10 feel-good films to see

Stop what you’re doing right now. The world is about to end (December 21st 2012 in case you were wondering) and there’s something very important we have to do. Watch films. At the time of writing, with just two days to go, there’s just enough time to watch the ten films that will make you feel better about life, the universe and everything before it all ends.

Welcome to my list of ’10 Films to make you feel better before you die in a Mayan-inferred fireball of hot death’.

Cinema Paradiso
To start saying goodbye to life through cinema, what better way than watching the greatest love letter to the film-going experience. A filmmaker looks back on a love of cinema that started as a young boy in his village theatre.

The Breakfast Club
A certified John Hughes feel-good 80’s classic. Five high school archetypes form an unlikely bond at Saturday detention. And Molly Ringwald dances like she’s never before moved to music. Good times. A guilty pleasure and perfect nostalgia-making material.

Wes Anderson’s comedy about an eccentric teenager (breakout performance by Jason Schwartzman), infatuation (with the lovely Olivia Williams) and envy (the start of the art-house renaissance of Bill Murray). It’s packed to the gym rafters with Anderson’s trademark sense of humour and off-beat style. Perfection.

Almost Famous
Cameron Crowe’s finest feel-good creation is also his most autobiographical work. Endearing, with it’s heart firmly displayed on its sleeve in a bloody mess of pure teenage joy not seen since John Hughes’ heyday. It’ll make you feel young again.

Back to the Future
A feel-good movie that features GBH and some mild incest? It’s Back to the Future time! An almost perfectly paced film filled with layers upon layers of visual gags, character comedy and pitch perfect performances from all the leads. Back to the Future is probably the movie that makes me laugh the most – perfect to rid yourself of that pesky sense of impending doom.

The Truman Show
Based on that most ego-centric of fevered dreams; a whole world constructed just for you. The Truman Show is about beginning to question the authenticity of your life and making decisions to change the course of your destiny. It also now has a mental illness named after it — “The Truman Show Delusion”. Another uncommon feat for a feel-good film. The Truman Show will give you the warm fuzzy feeling of being able to control your own destiny… for at least the next 48 hours.

Little Miss Sunshine
The heart-warming road trip that brings a troubled family back together via the death of a grandparent and laughing at the exploitation of children. Great, heart-felt performances all round and a lingering warmth that’ll see you well when the asteroid hits.

Before Sunrise
The movie that fuelled a thousand gap years. Linklater’s sweet, low-key one-night romance perfectly captures the excitement of two lives colliding in a city foreign to both and the unusually revealing relationship that is born from having just a few hours together — curiously fitting.

The Shawshank Redemption
The story of Andy Dufresne creates a film experience unlike any other and Morgan Freeman’s warm voice-over wraps itself around you like a blanket woven of pure serenity. Experiencing the struggle of Andy’s journey is rewarded by one of the most satisfying and surprising conclusions in cinema history. The Shawshank Redemption never fails to make me feel better about (the last few days of) life.

We end on a sweet and timely reminder that people have the capacity for selfless acts. A whimsical tale of a waitress who decides to change the lives of those around her for the better.  Amelie works a kind of peculiar magic which leaves you with a perfect rose-tinted illusion of the world as it ends.


Not long to go. Best get watching.


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