Our favourite apps of 2012!

As the end of 2012 draws ever closer we would like to present to you our favourite apps of 2012 that have entertained, informed and aided our everyday lives in some shape or manner over the past year. Some of you beady eyed readers might recognise that we did this at the end of 2011 so keep an eye out for the new entries and the apps that we still cannot live without a year on!



It feeds my thought, enables me to compile my favourite sites and delivers it all in a clean design that makes checking out the latest news a pleasant breeze. Like all great Apps, it’s also available across mobile and tablet so I can get my quick fix news on the go or my curl up read at home.

Thanks Miroslav for the recommendation by the way…




Mainly because of #friskyfridays and the copious amount of DOF kitten shots, colour graded and looking hip. I take photos and with Instagram they look really pretty.



Notes Plus & Paper

Yes. There are two. I’m rebelling against the system. Viva la revolution! I use these two apps to completely replace my excessive addiction to buying Moleskine notebooks. Between them, I can draw terribly, make poorly handwritten notes, type, and throw in images and screenshots right onto it’s virtual notebook pages. I can even record audio notes and attach them to pages. I am the King of Notes. And of being boring. The end.



Angry Birds – Star Wars

Only a very recent release and despite how over saturated & tired I’m feeling about Star Wars… My App of the year has to be Angry Birds – Star Wars.

Its actually the first Angry Birds game where I’ve gone through level by level and completed whole sections! There’s some nice bird abilities tied in to characters from the Saga and it brings the gravity fields from Angry Birds Space into the mix, all while retaining that ‘just one more try!’ factor.




Waze is great and I love the user interface and rewards system. The idea of a crowd sourced sat nav with up to the second traffic info from the very people on the road is great.  There’s even a police spotting function. Nice.




I love Amazon as my first check point for buying anything online. They have invested considerably in their app development and it is a great app not only to shop as well as a reference point / benchmark for building your own apps. iOS version is a top app, Android version, unfortunately is a bit of a let down.



Dog Translator app

This app allows you to record your dog barking in order to translate the bark into an easy English speaking meaning – genius! I’ll be using it on my dog Kaiser for sure!



Sky Go

Easy to use app where you can watch Sky TV on your smartphone or iPad for no extra cost, just login and GO.

So I can catch a movie whilst waiting for Lyla’s ballet lesson to finish and never be caught out when United are annihilating the rest of the premier league ;)



Sky+ app

Sky have really found their app feet this year. When they implemented remote record a few years ago it helped me out more times than i’d like to mention, but now with all the updates and changes they’ve made over the past year, it just one step away from being the perfect tv app.

Even simple things like being able to now search via your iPad keyboard and get the full listings is so much easier, if you then add full detailed menus, integration with your sky+ box recored content, the ability to view and download all their on-demand content, and actual swipe controls to play, rewind etc, it’s so close to everything you need. If only you were able to actually view your recored content directly from your box on your iPad, or on-demand content then it be perfect. Next year please sky.



Daily Mail app

The Daily Mail app is my daily insight into all thats going on in the world of news, fashion and entertainment. The clean column layout combined with the breadth of information available mean that I check it at least twice a day to get all of the latest showbiz and entertainment news in particular. In my opinion there is no better news app on the market at present!




Everyone loves a good list… well, at least I do. Wunderlist is still my number one app. Like a backup for my brain, it enables me to create any number of lists and sync them across all devices. They can even be shared with others.


So there we have it these are our favourite apps of 2012! If there’s an app that you think we need to know about why not share your favourites in the comments box below.

  • A great list for sure. Wunderlist is a favorite of mine, and Instagram as well (of course). If you’re interested in creativity apps checkout Oflow, it’s full of ways to be inspired daily.

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