Enhanced Colour Grading as standard

In the past few weeks I have had the chance to learn more about Engine Creative’s video production skills from recent collaborations with Craig, our Senior Video Producer. In the process I have had my eyes opened to, amongst other things, Colour Grading and the massive difference it makes to video project output.

Colour Grading works by creating a shot closer to the quality viewers expect from film. The process enables you to give skin colour more depth, to make the sky dreamy or the sun shine warm even when it was shot on a gloomy day.

Colour Grading gives the Director the tools to enhance or completely change the mood of any given shot or sequence. This creates more options for enhanced visual storytelling and the effects can be remarkable; making shots look more realistic and engaging than the source video.

An example of a Colour Grading tweek is displayed below and has been taken from Engine Creative’s recent video project for the re-branding of the Vale of Glamorgan Heritage Experience to “Explore & More”.

Using Colour Grading on a finished project is not something which all creative agencies do although here at Engine Creative it’s all part of the service and delivered as standard. All video production is given that extra touch to enhance and exceed our clients’ expectations and could go some way to explaining our recent RAR Award in video production.

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