The New Adventures of Billy

Once upon a time there was a little boy called William who liked to draw. He would cover the walls in his parent’s house with pen, pencil, paint, crayon and all other mess making devices to hand. His mother and father would shake their heads in silent wonderment.

Then, the day came when William was old enough to join high school. This is the point in our story where his friends would now call him Billy (they thought this name ‘cooler’) so we’ll do just that.

At high school the now transformed Billy studied Art and Graphics as well as all other mundane subjects required by law. This steered him in the right direction and when he left high school he joined the local college to study more Art, and later, even more Graphic Design.

He passed all his courses with flying colours as if he had been riding the Shinkansen the whole time. Hell bent on producing design for the music industry, especially as he was a member of a musical collective called Fortissimo Records, Billy went to The University of Northampton.

At this stage of Billy’s life, he experienced many creative fuelled bouts with ogres and goblins (his fellow students) but managed to stand out enough to be featured in the D&AD Student Awards book for a raunchy piece of print design. Billy graduated from The University of Northampton and was snapped up by a local design company. After a while Billy decided to freelance and formed new relationships with his very own clients. By this point he had evolved as a designer and taken exciting new adventures into web design and motion graphics. Oh là là!

Up to this point our protagonist had experienced many things. He had flown his castle in the sky, ridden a unicorn, saved his princess from a tall tower ravaged by an evil dragon and even sailed the Seven Seas with his pirate crew. With a growing arsenal of super powers to his name, Billy had now jumped a number of levels and was asked to teach new blood some old tricks.

Part time tutoring in the fundamentals of design to the BA Honours Photographic Practice course at The University of Northampton (his old stamping ground) followed. With his Mac and sketchbook at his side, Billy had arrived at a vital chapter in his life.

With an eager desire to learn, Billy joined Engine Creative to bring some fairytale sparkle and continue on his creative journey.

You may see Billy, you may not. More than likely you’ll see blog posts from this weird and wonderful creature ’cause he doesn’t half likes to write some guff! So, without further ado, from Engine Creative and Billy, to all who have persevered through his post, hello gentle spectator, how may I help you?

  • Hayley Whitaker

    Oh Billy, I love you and your stories, but, my dear, you ate silly ;) x

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