Play(ing with) time: Experiments in time-lapse photography

People have a fascination with video or film that plays with or distorts time. Whether it’s the ultra-slow-motion of the Phantom HD or the beautiful time-lapses now possible with the current crop of digital SLR cameras.

I’m also a sucker for both of the above. The ability to see something you wouldn’t normally see whether it’s a fraction of a moment slowed down to become visible or the passage of time condensed into a moment – there is an inherent fascination that I have with these altered realities.

I’ve recently been putting the Canon 7D through its time-lapse paces with a couple of exterior time-lapses shot at Windsor Great Park. Both were shot RAW and colour graded in Adobe After Effects CS4 with Colorista.

The setup itself was the 7D mounted on a Gorillapod SLR zoom, a Tokina 11-16mm lens and the cheapo Meike MK-MC36 intervalometer that I got from eBay. Both time-lapses were set to take 1 frame every 20 seconds.

Windsor great park time-lapse

Lastly, here’s a quick time-lapse of a day in the studio that we shot just for fun. Same lens and settings. Yet another busy and productive day at Engine Creative.

Engine Creative studio time-lapse

  • redcloud

    Hello, my compliments for your great videos! I’ve a question: I have both Meike MK-MC36 intervalometer and 7D but the connectors are different. Jack 35mm for Meike and N3 for 7D. Did you bought a connector adapter?

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