Let’s party like it’s 1999!

The end of a decade! It’s suddenly crept up on us and, quite frankly, it’s come as a bit of surprise. The noughties are nearly over and we’re already looking back with hazy nostalgia at the nineties.

It started with our work on the ‘Back 2 The 90s‘ compilation album for Ministry of Sound and out of nowhere our nineties radar was on. Charlie Brooker hosted a special ‘You Have Been Watching
on 90s television this week and we’ve also been up to our hips in 90s
related research for a number of additional music related retro

So, how do you represent such an eclectic and all too
often parasitic decade in music and pop culture? The decade that
brought us The Spice Girls and Brit Pop also gave something us
something good musically didn’t it? Yes and no. It certainly gave us
variety as some of these 90s playlists from sharemyplaylists.com

Songs of the 90s

Old Skool Raver Essential Tracks 88 – 92

Summer in the 90s

Shine Best of Brit Pop

Big Beat Days

90s RnB

90s Rap

Indie Disco Classics


British Indie Gold 88 – 92

And if you’re in for the long haul:

Drowned In Sound Albums of the 90s

You get the idea. Tweet us your fave 90s music and overriding memories of the decade that was… errr… you decide. In no more than 140 characters of course.

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