Engine Creative presents The Smashing Pumpkins Game

Somewhere in Midlandshire, England

October 31, 1963.

It is night. We move toward the rear of a house through someone’s POV. Camera moves up to a Jack-o’-lantern glowing brightly on a windowsill. It is a windy night and the curtains around the Jack-o’-lantern ruffle back and forth.

Suddenly we hear voices from inside the house.

“Get lost Michael I’m just about to get the high score on this great Smashing Pumpkins game!”

Smashing Pumpkins + High Score = iPod Nano!

Smash as many pumpkins as you can before the time runs out – the quicker you smash them, the more score you get. But beware of the ghouls as they will take your points.

Go on, play our Smashing Pumpkins game and you could be the proud owner of a shiny new orange iPod Nano. The man, woman or beast with the highest score at high noon on Halloween shall be declared the winner. It could be the best thing you ever do. It could be the last thing you ever do.

Update: We have a winner!

A big congratulations go to Zach Dowd, our expert smasher of pumpkins, who put in the hours to grab the top spot. Needless to say, our proud winner supplied us with a suitably scary quote:

“A scarily addictive game that had me up all night!”

Nice one Zach, the iPod is in the post…

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