Engine Creative does a double backflip

In a series of new blog posts called ‘Engine from the Archives, we present to you the BMX double backflip.

We were filming at The Bike Show 2004 event as we were producing the show video for the organisers, Haymarket Exhibition. The atmosphere was amazing as Mahoney was preparing to go for this trick in the pro street finals. I remember being totally blown away by seeing it at the time, his first ever double backflip!

After a bit of research I found that the first ever double backflip on a BMX was performed by Jay Miron in May 1997, here’s the video.

Whilst you can find that trick performed all over the net within the wonderful world of YouTube, seeing it performed ‘in the flesh’ was truly amazing.

  • tim

    Ha, I remember seeing this, I was sitting the other site. You’re right it was amazing!

  • Gavin

    thanks for posting this, brings back the memories. i used to go to the bike show every year. haven’t been on a bike for about 3 years now, I need to sort it!!

  • katty

    You should see this DOUBLE FRONTFLIP

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