E-Card Unicef result

It is time to announce the result of the Engine Creative Christmas e-card for UNICEF.

We pledged to donate money to the United for UNICEF partnership for every email address in our client list and additional donations for every person who replied to our Christmas Wish.

Engine Creative believes that education is the key to improving lives across the world. Together with United for UNICEF, we have requested our money will be spent on a ‘School-in-a-Box Kit’ for 80 children.

Beth Nicholls of UNICEF UK said: “With this kit, temporary schools can be set up for children during times of emergency. Engine Creative have raised enough money to buy 3 of these kits, giving 240 children education. Thanks to the entire Engine Creative Team for raising this money.”

But this is not all. I will be running the Puma Woburn 10K race on Sunday 7th March in support of the United for UNICEF partnership. Engine Creative will of course be sponsoring me as well so the total Engine Creative contribution to UNICEF will only get bigger.

Look out for more Engine Creative fundraising efforts in the future.

Inspired Gifts from the UNICEF Website.

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