Creative Vinyls Run Riot In The Agency

Spring has come early here at Engine HQ, and it’s amazing what a lick of paint and some 80s retro vinyls will do to the place. I’ve had the idea to get these up on the walls for sometime, so it was nice to finally see the plan come together.

The entrance hallway and the bathroom were the direct targets for our painting and vinyl placing expertise and, with a time allowance of 1 day, it was our very own ‘changing rooms’ but with something we wanted! I can now confirm that painting black on white key lines against bumpy walls is not the easiest of things, even for a pro painter, but our lines are razor I tell you; well done guys!

With the bathroom now licked over with some fresh white, and the entrance hallway now bordering on a gentlemen’s club we were happy with our brushwork.

Now for the vinyls… Asteroids were to grace the bathroom and Donkey Kong was to invade the entrance. Some pre-planning was essential to make sure everything was going to go up in the right place (you can peel these bad-boys on and off, but it’s best not to).

The Asteroid vinyls weren’t to irritating, but Donkey and his Kong were a right pain yet the final goal was in sight, our last barrel. Three hours later I was a happy man and my work was done.

Like a man with a pouch of magic dust, and a few vinyls left over I set Kong off on another small adventure, to invade the office kitchen. Nice.

The feedback from everyone here and our visitors so far is simply super-smashing. I’ll go with that. Now, what else can I cover?

  • simon43

    great work guys, i like them a lot.

  • soul sister

    can you come round and do my flat!

  • Love the Donkey Kong vinyl – brings back memories.

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