A family that eats together…

My mother used to make sure we ate our dinner at the table with the whole family every night. That time would be used to let everyone have the chance to tell the others how their day had been and what they had been up to. It really created a bond as everyone got the chance to be heard and to share.

At Engine Creative, things are surprisingly similar.

Although we all work very closely together, nothing brings people together like a chat over food.

And so Cooking Thursday was born, many years ago. Every Thursday, somebody cooks lunch for everyone. Obviously this was easier when there were just a few of us, but as we have grown over the years it gets decidedly more tricky. But because we think it is important to relax with each other as well as work hard, Cooking Thursday is still going strong and it is one of our proudest traditions. The thing that intrigues me most about this, is that once lunch is served and we all gather around the table on the sofa to tuck in, talk is rarely about work. It really is a moment for people to chat to each other about whatever comes up.

We are lucky to have a ‘proper’ kitchen with an oven, 4-hob cooker and the lot. That means the dishes being cooked are more than just microwaved curries and pasta. Sometimes a whole morning is spent on preparing a top class meal. In fact, last year for the first time, Cooking Thursday was turned into a Come Dine With Me-style competition. Weekly scores were given for the food that was prepared based on effort, taste and creativity. It seemed to me that the men were slightly more competitive about this than the women! The first winner was Craig, our Video Producer

My offering today was Chicken & Chorizo Fajitas. Normally a quick and easy thing. But chopping meat & veggies for a dozen people takes a lot longer than you might think. In the end, I think it all came out really rather well. Will it be enough to win the prize this time around? Wait and see.

Now for the dishes…

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