Engine Creative create Tesco’s Augmented Reality Campaign for Halloween

As October draws to a close, Halloween-mania sets in as we embrace all things spooky and ghoulish for one night only! As I forecasted in my Autumn / Winter blog, Halloween is becoming an increasingly popular celebration in the UK and so with this in mind we were tasked by Tesco to add some Engine Creative Augmented Reality wizardry to their Halloween Party 8-page pullout in The Sun. And we didn’t disappoint!

As part of a wider Halloween campaign we created multiple AR features and 3D content for the Tesco augmented adverts including a unique ‘Trick or Treat’ experience (I won’t spoil the trick suprise here – the details to try it yourself are below) and an opportunity for Sun readers to ‘turn themselves into a zombie’ by holding up the Tesco costume page to their chest and getting a friend to scan the advert. We’ve done extensive testing of the augmented zombie experience here at Engine HQ and can confirm a 100% death rate!

We also created some suitably spooky 3D adverts and animations for the campaign including cauldrons, bats, ghosts, coffins, pumpkins all complete with eerie audio to help build a spooky augmented scene.


Mark Cody, Senior Marketing Manager – Mobile said: 

“I have been aware of Engine Creative’s Augmented Reality work for a while and really appreciate their understanding and creativity in this exciting new medium. Here at Tesco we were all excited about this Halloween campaign having worked closely with the Engine Creative team to have a bit of fun and produce something that pushes the AR mobile advertising boundaries. I’m really happy with the experiences they have built for us and we’re already looking forward to working together on future campaigns for Christmas and beyond.”

Tamara Roukaerts, Head of Marketing, Aurasma said:

“Engine Creative consistently impress us with their use of Aurasma. They are incredibly innovative partners, always finding new ways to use our platform and deliver value for their clients.  A great team with a great understanding of how to create engaging and interactive AR campaigns.”

How to become one of the Zombie undead!:

To see the technical wizardry at work download the Reality Engine App to your iOS or Android device and scan the adverts below, pointing the camera at the images. Don’t forget to share the zombie love and and take a photo of your friend as a zombie by clicking the camera icon in the top right of your screen.

(Please note some content not available on older devices and Wi-Fi is recommended for the best performance).

Become a virtual zombie by scanning the costume page below:

Will you choose “Trick or Treat” when you scan the image below?:

Like the look of the AR campaign we produced for Tesco? For more information on what Engine Creative could create for your Augmented Reality campaign please call Matt Key on 01604 453602 or fill out this contact us form to make your AR dreams a reality.

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