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Public speaking in front of other adults… the prospect of which can strike many with abject fear, is perhaps multiplied when its to be done in front classrooms full of Year 11 students. Especially as my wife (a teacher) often tells me how badly behaved it can get in classrooms.

So it was on Tuesday that I visited Abbeyfields School in Northampton as part of the
Northampton Education Business Partnership (NEBP) ‘Pathways to work’ event. An industry day for approximately 210 Year 11 students that would be focussing on the various pathways employees have taken to reach the position they currently hold within a company.

I was partnered with Mark Whall (BBC Radio) in a ‘Creative & Media’ slot. We had 10 minutes each to talk about our current employment and how we got here followed by a Q&A session. Thankfully, with laptop and projectors in each classroom, the slideshow I had prepped did a lot of the work for me.

The projects shown really held the students interest and their behaviour was excellent. By the end of the morning I’d got it all down to a tee – reeling off anecdotes about the pre-millenium internet gold-rush and my adventures in Berlin. So, despite my initial trepidation I thoroughly enjoyed it and received a great sense of fulfillment from it too.

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