Don’t miss a single World Cup Tweet!

The World Cup is finally here! Football fever is sweeping the world and for the first time, every single bit of the action will be commented on by millions of people in real time on Twitter. So many tweets, so much info. How do you make sense of it all? How do you make sure you don’t miss a single World Cup tweet?

The answer is simple: Engine Creative’s

The site, designed and built by Engine Creative, shows all World Cup related Twitter updates in real time. Some fantastic trickery from our interactive developers means you can see all World Cup tweets, filter out those relating to your country’s group, a World Team made up of the 11 most Tweeted players of the moment.

The Goal Machine counts the number of Goals scored on Twitter. So far, the counter is at 11,347 and the tournament hasn’t even started yet!

CNN says South Africa 2010 is expected to eclipse everything we have seen so far on Twitter so make sure you are in the thick of it with!

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