Hello, G’day and Welcome to our new developer

Hi, I’m Japh, the new senior developer here at Engine Creative. I started 3 weeks ago and have to say, it’s everything I hoped for and more (which is what you want when you move across the planet for a new job!)?

When the opportunity came about to move from Australia to the United Kingdom and join the Engine Creative team, I was pretty excited (I’ve wanted to live and work in the UK for as long as I can remember). So, I put my best foot forward and here I am. 

Over the last 10+ years, I’ve worked in various development and training roles, including freelancing for the last 12 months. I specialise in PHP/MySQL and JavaScript based development, but always thoroughly enjoy a challenge and the chance to learn something new. 

My hopes are to really help drive the development team here. Push the boundaries of what can be done on the web, and surrounding technologies, and get involved with the web standards community. 

Look out for some awesome development projects from Engine Creative!

  • Best of Luck !

  • Kick some ass Japh!

  • Nice one Japh. good to hear you’re enjoying it over there; you certainly deserve it. I will be following EC to see what revolutions you start!

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