Evolution of Web design

Samuel at Wakeup Later.com has written a very informative blog about how websites of some major brands have changed over the past 10 years. See MTV’s website of 10 years ago and the one they have today as an example.

Afterwards, I too began to reflect on the projects and websites that I have been involved in over the course of my career. Although the building blocks of a website have changed little, over time they have each matured and been ingrained into conventional wisdom. Online media is now one of the most pervasive mediums available to market any product or service.

The internet is however full of websites that were created over 10 years ago and have not been updated significantly since.

Websites are often seen as a requirement for any business but their full potential is rarely achieved. A website should not only clearly present a company brand and contact information but it should also clearly facilitate interaction with the target audience. A website is more than a simple brochure or flyer, it is an opportunity to add value to a brand, product or service.

In conclusion, I believe that website users expect, no in-fact demand more from the websites they visit. Even infrequent users pick up on the styling and functionality of mainstream sites and expect smaller sites to function in the same way.

Design standards and user expectations may have changed in the past decade, the two most important criteria for designers have remained the same:

1. We need to stay up to date and develop our skills and knowledge.

2. We need to support our clients in keeping their sites moving forward.

At Engine Creative, we are firmly committed to both these objectives.

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