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The digital team here at Engine Creative has been kept busy recently with a number of web development projects. We’re seeing a major trend with companies and organisations alike wanting to have small but modern and dynamic web presences to represent them online. Gone are the days of the static site – blogs, Google maps, event calendars and communities are now the standard.

We are always looking for new and better solutions to delivering our clients’ needs on time and on budget without sacrificing on quality or user experience. In the current dynamic media age this is mainly about balancing flexibility and feature-richness with usability and development costs. In many cases we have found WordPress to be the right tool for the job.

WordPress has a lot going for it including the extremely easy-to-use administration interface. This allows us to create a fully-featured dynamic site, whilst still leaving the client in control and able update their content with ease. WordPress sites are very lightweight out-of-the-box – meaning they are fast and simple – but they are also endlessly extensible as the vast array of add ons means new features are never a problem to implement.

This provides us with a platform from which we can develop sites which meet our clients’ needs exactly, without ever having to compromise on the ease of use – which is normally the first thing out of the window when flexibility is required. This leaves our clients in the driving seat of their web presence, and pretty happy too!

It’s also great to see that the Government have finally got on board with a formal review of Open Source, Open Standards and Re–Use. This is a major step forward in ensuring that the public sector make the most of emerging technologies effectively and efficiently.

We have also developed sites using Drupal and various e-commerce applications for our public and private sector clients and, of course, still offer a bespoke solution as and when required. The key for us as an agency is stay open minded, be flexible with the technologies we use and always ensure that the technical solution is as relevant for our clients’ as the creative approach.

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