Blackberrys are for secretaries, iPhones are for artists…

I have personally never owned a Blackberry or an iPhone but am now considering upgrading (at the moment I’m rolling with a Nokia 1661 – but that’s a different story!). So the question is, which one to choose?

The first way I look to choose a phone is by asking people I know. So all my friends at The University of Northampton have Blackberrys, mainly due to the BBM function and being a part of the ‘Blackberry hype’. At work, however it’s a different story with everyone owning iPhones. I think this is due to the fact that most people at Engine have a little bit of geek in them and let’s face it, the iPhone is a gadget and a half!

For more information on the technical debate, check out ‘Great Geek Debates: iPhone vs Blackberry‘. My (far less technical!) summary is below:

Round 1 – Applications 

iPhone wins hands down. This is because comparing the iPhone app store and the Blackberry app store is like comparing Moet and Lambrini. 

Round 2 – Durability 

Blackberry wins, because although the iPhone is less fragile than it looks it is more susceptible to cracks and screen freezing. 

Round 3 – Gaming 

iPhone wins as it has a much wider range of games as well as making them more fun to play with the motion sensor and touch screen capabilities. 

Round 4 – Functionality 

iPhone and Blackberry draw as iPhone wins the personal functionality battle and the Blackberry wins the business functionality battle. The Blackberry was made with business in mind, has great office applications and is secure, whereas the iPhone has a faster CPU and more RAM.

Overall, it’s a difficult call as they are both suited to different purposes and, despite some of the supposed issues of the new iPhone 4, it does look awesome. OK, so maybe I’ll stick with my trusty Nokia 1661 until there’s a clear winner…

To find out which phone you are more suited to take our short quiz below:

1) How often do you like to check your email?

    a) Instantly

    b) Periodically throughout the day when I have time

2) Which feature is more important to you?

    a) Top-notch security

    b) Slick interface

3) Which do you prefer?

    a) IM

    b) SMS

4) Do you…?

    a) Multi task

    b) Handle one task at a time

5) Are you a…?

    a) PC

    b) Mac

6) Is your life…?

    a) Mostly work, some play

    b) Mostly play, some work

7) If you needed directions would you rather…?

    a) Ask someone

    b) Use Google Earth or Google Maps


Mostly A’s – Blackberry

You are one of those super hard working, phone super glued to your hand types.

You like gadgets that do what they’re supposed to do, especially when they keep you super connected to the world.

You prefer function over flash, so things like a long battery life and easy features appeal to you. 

You may not look as cool as all of the iPhone kids, but you’re probably being more productive than all of them!

Mostly B’s – iPhone

You are one of those early adopter, super geek chic types.

You like a gadget that has a ton of features to fuel your tech obsessions.

You tend to know the inner workings of every toy, phone, and computer you own. 

You’re always exploring and learning.

You want the most leading edge phone you can find, at almost any cost.

  • And then you might consider going the Android route. I went from iPhone to Android (Galaxy S) and never looked back ;)

  • Marieke

    Indeed Martin. I have never owned an iPhone but my HTC Hero does so much more than what my friends’ iPhones seem to be able to do (or rather: than what Apple allows you to do with the iPhone). All that’s needed is developers realising there are more platforms than just iPhone they can develop apps for.
    Android offers the ideal marriage between Blackberry functionality and iPhone’s user interface/touch screen niceness. Shame the phones do not look nearly as good though.

  • I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it. It is extremely useful for me.

  • HealthMaster

    iphone has many complication to use it as anew user but blackberry have simple features to understand….

  • Nokia 1661 is quiet a promising handset, the most complete and stable handset found. I agree though it has limited features as compared to advanced Smartphones or other phones of its level but it’s a standard and most preferable mobile out there in market. At least I am satisfied with its promised features and cost. It would be a choice for not so choosy perfect tech savvy individuals.

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