Adobe BrowserLab: The Digital Doer’s handy tool

Here at Engine Creative HQ we’ve just upgraded all of our software to Adobe Creative Suite 5.5, widely known as ‘CS5.5’. The reason why? It’s amazing. Period.

On a serious note, there were a few things I eagerly wanted to try out, including InDesign’s links with the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, which allows you to design magazines like you’ve never seen them before. Along with Photoshop’s Puppet Warp, which does what it says on the tin. However, my true geek has been waiting for full use of Adobe BrowserLab, the subject of this blog.

So Mr. Clarke, what is it?

Well, Adobe BrowserLab allows you to test the pages of your website across a variety of web browsers and operating systems. The service works by taking screen shots of your web pages in different browsers, and then displaying them in the Adobe BrowserLab application window.

On top of this, Adobe BrowserLab lets you preview local web content from within Dreamweaver, without requiring you to post it to a publicly-accessible server first. You can preview files from your local Dreamweaver site, or from a remote or testing server.

So what did you do?

Below are five screenshots from my previous post, First dibs on CSS Animation, displayed on various web browsers such as the dreaded Window’s IE6 and the amazing Safari (haters be quiet). I chose this post as it is perfect to display the capabilities of Adobe BrowserLab, as my previous post used some new-coding-tech, called CSS Animation (and as stated in the post, it doesn’t display as intended in all browsers).

Google Chrome – Windows

Safari – OSX

Firefox – OSX

Internet Explorer 9 – Windows

Internet Explorer 6 – Windows

As you can see, my previous post degraded it’s look and style in some browsers (as was warned—so no complaints please) and in others it looked fine. Surprisingly, Safari OSX lagged a little with the animation, which is strange as it is a Webkit browser… look at IE6, it’s a joke. These screen shots were taken 2 seconds after the HTTP request was made and in general, my little experiment worked wonders.

In my opinion, Adobe BrowserLab is a worthwhile tool for any Digital Doer, whether you’re a web designer or a developer. This neat little tool enables us to design, deliver, measure and then conquer. Simply put, it’s how we work.

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