Creative agencies are full of imaginary people

Dear World,

It’s all in your head. We’re just a figment of your imagination.

To us it makes perfect sense for an organisation working in the creative industry to be called a ‘creative agency’. To us maybe. To Joe and Jo Public, maybe not.

Our extensive research (the video) proves that creative agencies all over the world still have a mystique and air of wizardry à la Sterling Cooper. We’d just like to take this opportunity to state that we do exist and we do produce ‘real’ things.

Lots of love,

Engine Creative

  • That’s amazing. The guy in glasses seems to be a little switched on and the girl at the end, brilliant. Is this a new sketch show? Ha.

  • Elizabeth Howland

    This video is amazing!!! Lmfao :)

  • Michaela

    It was even funnier being there [haha]

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