Building mobile into a successful multichannel strategy

This week saw the launch of the latest version of the heat extra app that Engine Creative has developed with Bauer Media as part of their multichannel strategy for the heat brand which has amassed over 7m consumer touch points across radio, magazine, TV, online and mobile.

What started life as an Augmented Reality (AR) app viewer enabling users to engage with interactive page content has now truly become a full brand channel portal in your pocket (or bag if you’re using the iPad version.)  We’ve created new and interactive AR content on a weekly basis since the original app launched and the continued appetite from the heat readers to use and interact with the unique content through the heat extra app has shown through continued growth in download figures and increased engagement statistics (downloads total over 90,000 and 21.9% of users spend 10 minutes or more in the app.)

heat extra app - multichannel strategy

Integrating mobile into the multichannel strategy

Bringing together heat’s various media channels has been key in the further development of the app process, offering the users the ability to instantly watch heat tv on the go, listen to heat radio and catch up on the latest celeb gossip through the mobile responsive heatworld website.  Of course, users can also continue to interact with the magazine through the Scan It! function as well as download the latest issue of the digital edition of heat magazine ensuring that users have access to ‘all things heat’ all of the time.

Dynamic and interactive brand content on your mobile

Engine creative also came up with the concept and integrated the hugely popular ‘heat’s HUGE quiz’, giving users a great way to test their celebrity and popular culture knowledge through a quick fire set of questions.  Along with users being able to post their scores and challenge their friends, the quiz also gives the brand team the ability to offer third party sponsorship through targeted brand partnerships as commented in a recent statement from Bauer Media in relation to impressive ABC figures:

“Its editors and content creators continue to focus on serving audiences with entertainment and inspiration wherever, whenever and however they want it, providing impressive reach and innovative engagement opportunities for commercial partners.”

This additional feature has given the heat brand team another way of connecting and engaging with their audience on a regular basis as the heat team has complete control over the quiz content through a bespoke CMS where they can add new quiz content as often as they need to.

Introducing social into the mobile brand extension

Whilst the first version of the heat extra app included the ability for users to link to their Facebook or Twitter accounts, it’s not until this latest release that the brand has been able to really exploit the brand’s social potential.  The new ‘heat social’ area allows the user to flick between Facebook content, Twitter streams, Instagram pictures, YouTube videos and SoundCloud interviews all in one place on your mobile.

Throw in a new UI/UX with a visually rich and dynamic home screen (fully customisable through a CMS) and an easily accessible quick nav and you have an update that really enhances the mobile user experience.

The latest ABC figures have shown that heat extra is integral to the successful multichannel strategy adopted by Bauer Media for the heat brand which now has over 7m consumer touch points across radio, magazine, TV, online and mobile.

So, what have we been up to recently with our interactive AR content for the heat brand?

As well as creating interactive games for X-Factor finalists, promotional content for top comedians and bespoke content for the biggest films of the year, we have also created a video soundboard for this year’s Weird Crush, Matt Richardson (cunningly titled ‘Matt Richardson Compliment Generator’.)

Just scan the page (or the image below if you’ve got a decent screen) with the heat extra app and watch your phone turn into an tappable video soundboard where you can sample a variety of wonderful compliments from Matt.  Enjoy!

integrating AR into a multichannel strategy

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