What we can learn from Superheroes

As a brand, our number one goal is to increase in value and our brand’s reputation is considered one of the most valuable assets to have. As pioneers of our brands, we should take every opportunity to boast what we stand for; our big idea, strategic position, vision or values.

So let’s see how Superheroes do just that…

Why we remember Superheroes
Qualities, traits, achievements and powers; Superheroes are nearly indestructible, some can fly and have laser eyes but it’s not just their powers, but who and what they defend, and whom they defend from.

Brands are remembered because of their look and feel, their voice and their ethos they pump into everything they do. Continue to preach what you sell, with obvious progression along the road and your audience will notice and reward you with their loyalty.

An emphasis on what they’re known for
Superheroes are known for awesomeness. It’s the reason why the weak look towards them. Technically speaking, you don’t normally read about vague Superheroes, you read about role models. It’s that definite message that keeps them going in our eyes.
As a brand, you should stick to your strengths as you’ll be remembered by them and for them. You can tackle new ventures, just don’t take on the world all at once. You should try to be known for an area, not just the specifics.

Why we expect continual awesomeness
50% of the time Superhero awesomeness means we’ll start to look else where for 100% Superhero awesomeness. Once Superheroes propagate, they lose their title of ownership and it’s not the Superhero’s rivals they should fear, it is us.

If your brand is only 50% of the time awesome, when you promise 100% guaranteed, your audience will become weary. An inconsistent brand is a dangerous brand to follow. Our audience can easily become bewildered and unsettled by change.

Why Superheroes enter with a BANG!
The more our Superheroes push and make themselves known, the more we’ll recognise them. For Superheroes, a bish bash bong is better then a murmur – they strive to make their existence a celebration to witness!

We’re a comic book in a store amongst hundreds of others. What we reap is what we sow, and if being extraordinary is our aim, we will become memorable in the eyes of our clients. Value theatre and your reward will be being remembered for what you do. Appearance is everything.

The why and how behind our Superheroes
We need to know why a Superhero has a power and what’s so special about it. We need to make sense of the past, so the present becomes clear. We need to have a firm grip of how a Superhero became to be.

Everything about our brand should be interesting, the past included. Everything from logo to our online presence is hugely important and should ooze our interesting backstory and snippets into our future plans. Our audience are interested in what we can do and what we will become.

Weakness; a universal language
We love our Superheroes because of their powers and achievements, and we love our Superheroes because they have weaknesses. It’s a symbol of unity, a universal language that we all understand – it’s what makes them feel human.

A brand that accepts it’s weak points and bounces back, is a brand that knows self control and how to raise the bar on it’s limitations. A warm, friendly brand is a good brand to know.

Superheroes of our own voice

With the rise of Social Media websites, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress et al, we all can become the heroes of our brands. This blog post is a conscience effort of constructing an online persona for myself, a member of Engine Creative. I am a professional working for a brand and my number one aim is to consolidate that brand, to make it flourish and to differentiate ‘us’ from the hoard of other brands who wish to do the same.

Y’all should try it yourselves!

From Billy Clarke and all the Superheroes here at Engine Creative, it’s time to say good bye and fly into the sky…


  • Adam

    Nice post Billy, I like your points and the contrast you so beautifully voiced between Superheroes and ‘blue collar’ workers.

    But, what can we learn from Villains?

    Now there’s a question and a half for you!

    Peace out man x

  • Simon

    Awesome sauce, very creative!

  • Billy Clarke

    Adam – thank you, I guess you’ve given me some inspiration for my next blog piece, although, I must mention, in the original I did also have a few paragraphs called ‘What we can learn from Villains’. And I can prove it ;D

  • Billy Clarke

    Simon – cheers man! Be sure to check out all the blog posts (maybe not every single one, but the last 7 or so)!

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