Max has finally lost all of its Power

This month sees the last ever issue of Max Power Magazine hit your local news agent. After 18 years of crazy car modding and even crazier babes, the final car key has now been turned.

Engine Creative worked on the Emap brand (pre Bauer days) where we were heavily involved in re-designing the magazine, producing motion graphics for their video productions and also, many many moons ago, building the first ever Max Power website. We also worked with Haymarket Exhibitions on the incredibly successful Live Shows at the Birmingham NEC and London Excel, producing all of the main show advertising, sales videos, and TV adverts.

We believe that Engine Creative can take credit for being the design agency that spearheaded the look and feel of the car graphics that you all see today. It was back in 2003 when we were commissioned to produced the car graphics for a new game release from EA (Electronic Arts) called ‘Need For Speed’. We treated this project as a full on design brief and produced artwork that had never been produced before on the bodywork of a car.

The cars on display at Max Live were the stars of the show. This exposure led to numerous design projects from other companies such as THQ, Criterion, Fuel, ‘Jammie’ the ModFather and also hitting the highest of car modding notes when Engine Creative were asked to produce the graphics for MTV’s Pimp my Ride. 

So are we in the last ever issue of Max Power? Check out The 20 Most Iconic Mods number 9 entry. Dodgy neons aside, the artwork is all Engine Creative.

Engine Creative worked with Max Power between 1998 and 2005, we enjoyed the projects we worked on and are sad to see that Max Power Magazine has printed it’s last page, although we’re sure the spirit will live on for many years.

  • steve

    Didn’t know you guys did stuff for Max Power. I remember going to Max Live in 2002 at the NEC. Loved every minute of it, such a laugh. I haven’t brought the mag in years, but sad its gone. I think I still have a large show poster somewhere, I bet you lot did it!

  • katty

    I remember seeing those cars at the show – they were awesome. I always wished my car had graphics like that. Sold it about 6 years ago now! I wonder where she is now?

  • Dan

    I must confess I owned a red Max Power baseball jersey around ’93-94. No babes in the mag then either – so far as I can remember! :(

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