Lands’ End Kids: The Cleanees have landed…

This month, the global multi channel retailer Lands’ End launched their UK kids range. To help promote the launch online, Engine Creative developed a children’s game to help the target audience engage with the brand.

Lands’ End design classically styled, fashionable and durable apparel, the latter being the most important when it comes to the kid’s range. Lands’ End want consumers to know that their kids can still be kids, they can be messy and clumsy, without needing to be bought new clothes every five minutes.A place where kids can be kids is where the new game ‘Ruff ‘N’ Tumble’s Global Mudventure’ was born. The background story to the game is that the ‘Cleanee’ characters have come from a planet far, far away and are trying to clean up all the mess they see. The aim of the game is to splat as many Cleanees as possible to stop their evil plan and keep playtime fun and children all over the world grubby but happy!With simple and highly addictive gameplay combined with vibrant visualisation and a great back story, ‘Ruff ‘N’ Tumble’s Global Mudventure’ is a great complement to the Land’s End Kids brand offering.

Engine Creative’s work with Lands’ End is yet further evidence of the agency’s position as a leading creative partner for some of the biggest retail brands in the UK.

The creative agency has been responsible for working on in-store interactivities for Tesco, online campaigns for Next and Viking Direct and has also created album artwork and marketing collateral for the likes of Ministry of Sound and NDubz, helping to sell over 10 million units in the process.

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