Did I hear you say R&B?

This week sees the release of the album R&B Clubland which entered the charts at the dizzy heights of No.1. R&B is an album genre not normally associated with the Clubland brand, but it shows how Clubland has become much more widespread, with a bigger audience than ever before.

Engine Creative have been the key figureheads behind the phenomenally
successful Clubland brand since its inception back in 2002.

The Clubland year kickstarted with the release of another new Clubland album, the release of Clubland Smashed, a mash up album of over 100 tracks which received much critical acclaim from the general public, and also hit the number 1 spot back in March.

The next in the bi-annual Clubland releases hits number 17 this June, with, yes you’ve guessed it, Clubland 17. On the design side, we’ve given the look and feel a bit of a re-fresh and strip down from the last album, which everybody is really happy with. We look forward to watching this hit the number 1 spot in a few weeks.

Maybe R&B Clubland will stay there until then, you never know.

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