Renaissance Master Series: a real snake charmer

Hernán Cattáneo is universally recognised as one of the biggest names in dance music with a truly global DJing schedule. Likewise, Renaissance continues to release dance music which is both cutting edge and timeless and has maintained its position as one of the UKs most revered music labels since its early days as a club night back in 1992.

It is fitting, therefore, that the Cattáneo Renaissance partnership continue to look to Engine Creative for visual inspiration to complete The Master Series dream team. In the past we have created internationally recognised illustrations for the Renaissance Master Series to ensure the brand continues to be visually and commercially successful and the latest release, Parallel, has enabled our design team to develop the style once again.

Cobra Command

With a shift in the musical direction to ‘make the overall feel even more intense and cinematic’ and visual references too numerous to mention, we turned to the much maligned snake as our focus for the album artwork and bespoke illustration. The visual style is looser than previous releases with additional texture and detail employed to reflect the more mature musical direction.

We’re hoping the album gets the recognition it deserves, both in sales and through continued recognition within the creative industry.

Renaissance The Masters Series: Hernan Cattaneo – Parallel is out now.

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