Angry Birds, Clever HTML5, Wary Adobe

We are all aware of the ‘Angry Birds’ addiction; originally an iPhone application but now available to everyone on the internet.

Developed by Google, this newly created HTML5 version of the now classic bird bashing game is available for FREE so be prepared to waste hours. Although it is expected to run on any WebGL / Canvas-enabled browsers, it will also feature ‘Chrome bombs’ and Chrome-exclusive levels. Google have always been pioneers of HTML 5 features implementations, they even “politely” fixed errors in IE6 by introducing the Google Frame plugin.

The use of HTML 5 enables us to present rich content but lightweight pages, resulting in a speedy loading time, high resolution graphics and, most importantly, excellent responsive animation. No more Flash or Java and no more download or buffering waiting time and, as result, perfect for gamers.

So where does this take us?

HTML5 gives us new funky features to work with replacing a lot of already existing technologies but on a very lightweight platform. Microsoft Silverlight is no longer intended as a broad reach cross platform solution, as its need is now being met by HTML5.

Adobe Flash?

Adobe themselves are releasing tools that enable you to convert Flash into HTML5 which leads to the assumption that they see that HTML5 could potentially replace a lot of heavy weight online Flash / Java / Silverlight online applications.

Angry Birds is another perfect example of amazing HTML5 results and it will definitely keep gamers entertained for hours and developers like myself intrigued by the next technical steps that are happening all over the web.

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