We proudly present: Clubland 11 Babes

For the third time, Engine Creative & Universal Music TV ran a competition to find the next Clubland Babe for the cover of the upcoming album Clubland 11. This time we were after 2 babes and the lucky winners, chosen by visitors of Clubland.fm, are Chelsea White and Sammy Lee.

The competition launched at the same time as the new Clubland.fm website and got hundreds of entries. Some girls were so desperate to be the next Clubland Babe that they tried to rigg the voting system but our technical wizzards were vigilant and made sure everything was fair when the time came to announce the winners.

Clubland is Universal’s most successful compilation series and Clubland 11 is expected to follow in the footsteps of all other Clubland albums, topping the charts as soon as it is released in July.

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