Toyo Tires new TV advert unleashed

We have just completed our second 3D animation and motion graphics piece for phase two of the Toyo Tires European advertising campaign (view case study here). Based on the extreme testing machines we designed for the ‘Engineered to perfection’ campaign, the animation follows the R1-R tyre though the testing process and brings the print campaign to life.

The animation was created using a combination of Cinema 4D (utilising the awesome CSTools for the camera work as well as MoGraph), After Effects and Final Cut Pro as well as a little splash of Magic Bullet for good measure. These production techniques enabled our creative team to get the detail and dynamic angles required to convey the extreme handling of the R1-R.

As an all round creative agency working on a range of cross media projects, we were able to produce all elements of the project in-house. This gave our designers the control and flexibility to deliver a high impact video that works in perfect harmony with the offline campaign.

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