Tesco computers sell themselves

Tesco has launched a new way of selling computers in their stores: an interactive presentation that allows customers to engage with and find out more about the capabilities of every individual computer in the Tesco range. The UK’s largest retailer have worked on the project in partnership with Engine Creative. Their solution is an intelligent screensaver that reduces the need for intensive staff training and presents the product offering in a clear, cohesive and creative way which complements the forward thinking aspirations of the organisation.

Once installed, the screensaver interrogates the individual PC to check the installed hardware, RAM, hard drive and processor speed. Based on the outcome, it assigns the machine to one of three categories (Easy Computing, Entertainment and Performance) and displays the specifications as well as information relevant to that particular machine.

Left inactive, the PCs show a high impact rolling animation aimed at educating and engaging the target audience to interact with the machine. As soon as users click into the application, stylised 3D character animation is used to illustrate various technological terminology in a simple and accessible way which allows customers to make more informed buying decisions; it also allows the sales team to demonstrate the capabilities of the individual machines if required.

Engine Creative’s Projects Director, Andrew Wise, remarks: “Our main focus was to deliver an engaging and interactive solution that reflected the innovation and investment that Tesco have made in their new lines. The 3D character animation was devised to maintain Tesco’s broad appeal whilst also being a solution which clearly pushes the familiar brand forward.

“We were then able to overcome the many technical obstacles that have arisen in developing a secure interactive environment across such a large range of products. The resulting application stands out in stores and we can already see an improved level of engagement with the products. With so many future additions to the application in the pipeline we really see this as just the beginning for this in store marketing platform.”

Tesco’s Electrical Category Director, Ian Ditcham, comments: “Helping our customers find the right product that meets their needs and budget is critical to Tesco and this new application is one element in our suite of tools that help improve our customers shopping experience.”

This combination of high creativity and cutting edge technology have resulted in a unique sales tool for Tesco which engages and educates a huge audience in the benefits of a digital lifestyle and which will lead the way for other retailers.

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