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High street retailer Next has teamed up with Engine Creative to help in the online promotion of their latest TV campaign.

Engine Creative undertook the ambitious task of recreating the Parisian environment as a Flash interactivity to encourage customers to view the advert and, ultimately, purchase the products online. We’ve shown a snapshot of the creative process below, from the initial scamps to the development of the photorealistic 3D illustration of a café building that users can navigate.The first stage of the process was to look at a number of different concepts for the online promotion of the TV campaign. The chosen creative direction – the Parisian café – was then researched and a moodboard created to define the style and ensure that it actively supported the Next brand.

In order to convey the scrolling concept in more detail, we sketched out the various levels that a user could scroll through to navigate through the information available.

From the underground subway to the rooftop vista, users are encouraged to experience the making of the TV advert, download the iTunes playlist and, ultimately, purchase the outfits from the TV advert.

The job of creating all of the various assets, from the 3D illustration of the building right down to the rats in the sewer, was undertaken in tandem with the Flash development. The various assets were added as they were created to gradually build a complete picture for the final interactivity.

Products are revealed in the shop windows as they appear in the advert, giving users the ability to ‘shop the ad’. The Flash interactivity also includes social media integration enabling users to distribute the online experience of the advert.

The online promotion is key to the success of the TV campaign which have now become events in their own right, glossy productions shot on location that has helped to reposition the Next brand as desirable and aspirational.

If 3D interests you have a look at our 3D Animation and CGI page.

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