Delivering the Funk and Soaking up the Soul

Delivering the Funk and Soaking up the Soul

I can officially say that Funk Soul Classics from Ministry Of Sound is one of the best compilations to hit the streets in a long time.

Being a big fan of this style of music and the films surrounding most of the tracks, it was an ideal project to get our teeth into.

Encapsulating the funk vibe through a text only cover was a challenge as most people instantly associate images of pimps, cops, cars, girls and cityscapes due to the plethora of iconic film posters out there.

Rather than simply opting for some Superfly inspired text, we wanted to go a little deeper with our design by introducing nice retro textures to create another commercial cover to stand out in store, on iTunes and online.

Ministry were very happy with the final outcome, now let’s listen to a bit of Issac Hayes.


  • phil

    Funk goes straight in at no.3 this week, that’s a great result for this style of album. I guess it would of been no.2 if it wasn’t for the dominance of the Now albums.

  • Billy Clarke

    I saw this in HMV at the weekend and it really stands out. It’s cool, calm and collected, a limited but appealing colour palette that feels well in tune with the weather as of late (coincidence I’m sure). I love the little touches like the CD and how it looks and feels like a vinyl. Lovely.

  • Marieke

    I saw the ad for this on the tv and thought: I hope that is an Engine Creative project as it looks awesome. Makes me want to buy it as it gives me a nice summer feeling. Great work guys.

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