Color – we have a problem

It seems that a new social ‘mobile’ start up is released weekly at the moment. How many more ways can we share images and text, ‘check-in’ to places and send information to each other? It takes me 15 minutes each morning just to log in to them all.

So when ‘Color’ was launched last month, I jumped straight in to see what all the fuss was about. Color is pitched as the latest in a long line of social photo and video sharing apps, but with a twist.

Color pulls images from your phone and automatically shares them with other Color users within a 100ft radius; the ultimate sharing network. The best people to explain the concept are the developers themselves where they talk about ‘capturing your memories’ and ‘looking at your elastic network’!

With the app installed I took multiple test shots of the office and then I found just one fellow Engine Team member, Craig, on my ‘elastic network’. And that was my groundbreaking and pretty underwhelming introduction. Saying that, I’m not being fair, I needed to be in a larger network for this to really work.

So, equipped with my iPhone and Color I headed over to the 02 to watch Peter Kay with 10,000 other people. This is going to be a Color-fest! My phone is going to collapse under the weight of all the images thrust upon it. I started snapping, making myself known on the Color scene and after 5 hours I didn’t come across 1 other Color user! 

Mmm.. this isn’t really what the developers had in mind.

Let’s fast forward a few weeks to another golden Color opportunity. The Engine Creative crew headed down to the latest Glug event at the Underground Village in Shoreditch for the launch of Sony’s Playstation ‘The Studio‘ design project. Surely I’m going to hit the media savvy, like minded designer jackpot with over 400 people in the same room together?

I had taken a few photos but an hour in and nothing. THEN THE MAGIC HAPPENED!

A user popped up on my screen, a real life Color user just a few feet away called Jon. And what was Jon’s comment? 

‘I did wonder if anyone else ever used this’. 

Followed by

‘Bet they are glad they spent that $41 million’.

Then amazingly someone else jumped on board. Jonathan – a different Jon!

‘Yep, 41 Million for this’

So I had 3 images and 2 contacts in the space of a few minutes and they were obviously more focused on how much this cost rather than my photos, but still I had contact!

And then, as quick as they arrived, they disappeared.

I still have a quick look at Color every now and then when I’m out and about, but I still haven’t hit the dizzy heights of that night at Glug; two other users, a couple of dismissive comments and still a huge amount of potential for us early adopters.

  • Billy Clarke

    Sounds like a pretty cool concept. I wonder if it would bode well in the Apple store, or in a photography studio full of students? Will download to see what is all about, and then at least, you’ll have one more contact ;D

  • phil

    So Color and The Telegraph newspaper got together for some Royal Wedding promotion. How many photos were uploaded you say, ‘500’? Amazing..mmm…
    Story here:

  • Billy Clarke

    That’s a pretty amazing photograph!

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