5 technologies to make 2013 as exciting as 2012 for marketers

2012 was an advertiser’s dream, their child in a sweet shop moment. Key international events held throughout the year including the Euros, the Diamond Jubilee and, of course, the Olympic Games meant that advertisers were able to engage with consumers more effectively than ever, creating high-profile campaigns around the key events and talking points of the year. Adidas’s ‘Take the Stage’ and Marks and Spencer’s ‘Summer to Remember’ campaigns both proved to be event based advertising brilliance but alas the year is now 2013 and advertisers have a dilemma… a distinct lack of major events that has led to marketers dubbing the year “empty 13.”

UK marketers have identifed these lack of events as a key challenge to overcome in 2013. However, we believe that this year is set to be a technological belter, giving marketers the opportunity to get creative in more ways than ever before.

We think that technology will feature even more this year as a key way for brands and their products to engage with their audiences. Brands which use evolving technology to offer more convenience, personalisation and added value will be the big winners in this “empty 13” year.

Marketers of all shapes and sizes have offered different insights as to the technologies that could shape 2013 and so we’ve collated the best ones along with some of our own ideas thrown into the mix:


1. Augmented Reality – We have long championed Augmented Reality (AR) and its ability to combine both print and video advertising channels, having created AR campaigns for Top Gear and heat magazine amongst many others. This year will see more brands opening their eyes to the power of AR as an interactive advertising tool.


2. Digital Publishing – We expect digital publishing to continue to transform print media in 2013. Having created digital publications for Top Gear and the Open University we feel that more and more brands will transfer from paper to digital in 2013.

3. Multi-screen – We informed you last year of the influence that mobile devices are having on our leisure and buying habits with 67% of consumers now using multiple devices to browse and buy from websites. With iPad and smartphone sales soaring over the Christmas period, 2013 will be the year that mobilised websites will be a necessity for brands looking to remain relevant to the modern consumer.


4. Gamification – Although not a new marketing method, we predict that 2013 will see gamification being increasingly used by brands looking to generate brand loyalty by increasing customer engagement. We see the high uptake in mobile device use as an opportunity for more brands to create apps and game related content such as Disney’s transformation of London’s Brick Lane into a computer game to promote the film release of ‘Wreck-It-Ralph.’

5. 3D Printing – Okay so I’m taking a punt here, although some way off being a mass product, 3D printing has been hailed by The Economist as the “third industrial revolution” and has been making some serious headways in health and engineering sectors amongst others. Although 2013 might be a longshot we think that 3D printing is well worth keeping an eye out for in the years ahead.


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