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Just as Bill Gates had a vision of a computer on every desk and in every home, the same could be said of 3D Printing; the ability to create an object using 3D modelling software on a PC and ‘print’ it out as a real object.

While the technology has been employed for the last 20 years by engineers in the Aerospace and Motor industries to prototype and create custom parts, the home consumer market is a revolution waiting to happen.

The technology has made great leaps in the last few years to become less costly and more viable for mass production and with a ‘Thing-O-Matic’ printer kit fromMakerbot.com now available for around £800, the reality is getting closer. There’s even a DIY 3D Printer store at reprapcentral.com featuring a growing range of machines with a sub £1,000 price tag.

And you don’t even need to have your own machine; Shapeways.com allows users to upload their model to their website and it will be printed and shipped back to them in a range of materials from standard plastic to stainless steel, ceramics and even silver.

The possibilities will be endless…

And on a sidenote, for all your 3D printed face needs… thatsmyface.com

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